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Technology for Good

by Casey Link

Does your non-profit or social enterprise need custom software to achieve your mission?

Your organization is one of the good guys. Your goal is to make a positive change. But you need a technical solution to realize your vision.

Yes? I'm Casey Link. I create software for cause-focused organizations like yours to make the world a better place.

Technology For Your Cause.

Not every social cause needs technology, but yours does, that's why you're here. We might make a good fit if:

You need an ICT Strategy

You understand your mission, and I understand the tech

Let's identify the right problem before jumping to a solution. With my Roadmapping Process, I'll learn about your objectives - what you want to achieve, when and for whom. We'll work together to determine how ICT fits into your communications, operations, campaigning, fundraising and marketing strategies.

You're ready to Go Mobile

Increase your impact and reduce costs with a mobile app

Do you need to collect data in the field? Do you work in locations without constant internet or electricity? Or maybe you want to recapture your audience by getting on their homescreen? I can build you a mobile app that improves the quality of your services in the field.

Your org is suffering from Growing Pains

Your org is growing, the tools you rely on must grow too

Have you outgrown your excel spreadsheet? Reduce your costs and make your internal control systems work for you rather than against you. I'll ease your growing pains with targeted enhancements to your existing systems.

It's time for something different

A custom solution for an innovative approach

Does pursuing your cause require something new? Does it involve the web, mobile, desktop, or even specialized hardware? Do you have data that needs to be tamed? Not sure what you need? Let's talk, I want you to succeed.

More than a Mission Statement

Because some things are more important than work or money.

As a freelancer this is my commitment to my values and my clients’ values. My aim is to encourage decision makers to think about the impact of where they spend their money.

Privacy & Security

I believe in the right to privacy.
The age of the Wild West online is over. Today organizations have a responsibility to protect their customers. Security & privacy are fundamental features to all modern technology and not options that can be bolted on in an afterthought. I build privacy and security into designs from day one.


I believe in the power of collaboration. Working together results in a better product and lets us stand on the shoulders of giants. Leveraging open source technology lets us work faster, transparently and guarantees long-lived reliability.

Keeping it Simple

I'm here to solve your problem and make your tomorrow brighter.
My recommendations and approach will always be driven by your objectives and needs, and not a desire to use technology for technology’s sake. Technology doesn't make change. People make change. I always put people first.

Read my full Ethical Statement 2 min read Read my full
Ethical Statement
2 min read

Your Mission Deserves More

Ready to learn how your organization's technical needs can be met on-time and on-budget?

A Bit About Me

Software doesn't make change, people make change. Software can help them along.

For over 8 years I've been solving tough problems for clients all over the spectrum: non-profits, human rights and developmental organizations, to companies in the communications, education, research science sectors. They all have two thing in common:

  1. a cause worth pursuing
  2. a business problem to solve

I love working for clients who are trying to change the world , or at least their corner of it. It doesn't matter if you're a big global organization, NGO, non-profit, or a small social enterprise.

It is my prerogative to work with great people on great projects. I don't compromise on quality or responsibility, and only take projects where I can deliver the most value.

I limit the number of clients I work with so I can invest in the relationships that I am committed to. If I work with you it's because I am excited about your project and believe I can boost it by committing to you.

All good causes deserve a chance to flourish, and I'm here to help them do so.

Technology isn't a magic bullet. An app or flashy website isn't going to solve anything by itself. But technology combined with passionate people, a sharp vision, and superb technical execution, can change the world.

I want to get to know you, your idea, and your organization then work with you to craft a development strategy suited to your goals. Together we can make your idea, reality.

My Ethical Statement

I truly believe in seeing my clients get the best possible return on their investment. But some things are more important than work and money.

Saying yes to cause-focused organizations

I love supporting charities, non-profits, social enterprises, and other organizations devoted to making a positive difference in the world.

To a few of these organizations I offer reduced rates, plus I keep an amount of pro-bono days in stock for consultation and development.

Saying yes to open source

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to producing social impact. Others have made the open source case for businesses, I don't need to here. I offer reduced rates on projects that heavily use open-source or go open-source themselves.

Saying no to exploitation

I do not work with organizations who exploit human rights, are associated with the industrial military complex, harvest unmanaged natural resources, or are involved in cruelty to animals.

Keeping it simple

Technology that no one can use is not just wasted time and effort, it's wrong. I want my work for you to be ready to use, like you need it, right away. I'll keep the solutions I deliver to you as simple as possible. When it is time to grow, I'll ensure that growth is thought out and straight-forward.

Doing what's right

I don't mean to sound judgemental with this statement. Integrity and professionalism in business are my priorities, and being open about which projects and clients align with my values is part of that. Contact me directly if you have any comments or questions about this ethical statement.


It Starts With a Conversation

Are our organizations a perfect match?

We'll never know unless you reach out. Schedule a free consultation now.

Or Contact Me Directly

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